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     Global background selection: the shaping of genome-wide motif statistics by DNA binding proteins over evolutionary time scales

报告人:Dr. Long Qian

Department of Biology and Center for Genomics and Systems Biology

New York University



主持人:欧阳颀 教授

摘 要:

The composition of a genome with respect to all possible short DNA motifs impacts the ability of DNA binding proteins to locate and bind their target sites. Organisms could benefit from a genome-wide anti-binding landscape that avoid weak, nonfunctional binding to increase the signal-to-noise ratio of molecular recognition, as well as reduce interference between different DNA binding processes. I will talk about the persistent signal of such a process that we identified from genomes of diverse species across domains of life, and the evolutionary model we established to estimate the selective strengths needed to maintain anti-binding landscapes. An example will be given on the avoidance of restriction-modification sites in bacterial genomes as a consequence of noise-induced autoimmunity. I will also talk about the few exceptions we identified in the analysis on eukaryotic transcription factors, where a global pro-binding landscape could prove useful.


Dr. Long Qian received B.S. in biology at Peking University in 2008 and Ph.D. also in biology at New York University in 2014. Currently she is a post-doctoral scholar with Prof. Edo Kussell (Biology and Physics) at NYU. Her research interests are evolution, theoretical population genetics, genomics, synthetic biology and biophysics.